Tuesday, May 11, 2010



  1. Yay!!

    I'm officially your gay Lover

    I wrote here so i know you get it, lol..

    Honey, i feel bad, i feel like im taking advantage of you.
    But would you mind making a wedding manip of Kellan and Robert.

    Well Edward and Emmett, but yea.
    Just them two.a full body, romantic picture and with a nice meadow background with a nice starlit sky

    And then a Sexy sexy sexy honeymoon one, of them maybe on a lake. Cuz thats where they had there first date.


    i feel like im taking advantage

    But your soooo good

    --puppy eyes--

    i am going away and coming back monday, and i just really need the pics for inspiration, lol.. Please, you are sooo soo soo good at this. I should send you a money order.

    Please and thanks

    You are the best

    --your gay lover

  2. LOL I'll call you Ethan or Jared cuz I like those names and, due to I don't know yours and "anonymous" is so unpersonal, now we are lover ;).
    So I'll try to do your manips this weekend... but I can't promise anything cuz I have some requests in stand by and I have a very busy weekend ahead... so I'll do my best. Either way I'll do it both.
    Btw are you writing a FF? Could you link me? :)