Monday, December 6, 2010

*It's Real Life* manips

fanfic by @

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  1. Yea, i rember i requested a few manips months ago too.

    But its okay, i know how RL can be, believe me

    Well my Fanfic is called Imagine
    and well

    Edward and Emmett were friends since childhood, since little boys

    They went through puberty masturbation everything together

    Edward is blind though, and has shades on mostly
    And Emmett wasn't straight but gave the illusion

    Jake comes along and likes Edward and Edward kinda likes him too but he still likes Emmett

    i only got to ch 4 so far but Emmett asked Edward to be his bf while they were in bed just hanging out

    So maybe a Pic of Edward And Emmett together

    and a banner

    of idk A triangle kinda thing with Edward in the midle and jake and emmett next to, but kind a little tiny bit in the back

    maybe like that eclipse poster or something like that

    thanks and

    LOVE YOU..

    BTW. how do i post my story on my blog without risking ppl stealing it, and do i post them as a Regular Post or what?

    Thanks for the help

    -- Jared